I think episode 4 of Season 2 has the most “Oh My God” moments out of all the seasons thus far!


The episode begins with Issa, Molly, & Kelli doing what most girlfriends do together…get En Vogue-ish for a party. They hit up a day party called ‘Kiss & Grind’ (Must be a thing in L.A) and Issa is eyeballing every other dude in the place, including the bouncer. We all know at this point, Issa is trying to add more dudes for her HO quota. Issa’s turnin’ up until she sees Daniel, the guy she cheated on Lawrence with, across the room.

Meanwhile, Lawrence is driving to the grocery store but is stuck in traffic, so he does a U-turn and as a result, get’s pulled over. The cop asks for his license and registration. It becomes a tense moment for Lawrence, until the cop returns and lets him go with a warning. The cop even tries to makes light-hearted conversation about giving him a ticket for being a Hoya fan ( he saw a bumper sticker or license plate…I can’t remember).

Molly reconnects with Dro, a high school friend, but things get hot & heavy when they grind all on each other on the dance floor. Molly cuts it short, telling Dro that his wife, Candace, wouldn’t like what’s happening. Dro confesses that they’ve been in an open marriage for a year. Molly is dumbfounded by the news, but y’all know her vagina did a cart-wheel when he told her. She ain’t slick!!!


While Molly’s vagina is doing flips, Lawrence is at the grocery store, purchasing drinks for a meet up with his homeboy Chad, but realizes he doesn’t have his debit card at check out. Two women behind Lawrence offer to pay for Lawrence’s drinks. The ladies who we’ll just call Becky 1 & Becky 2, meets Lawrence in the parking lot and is hella flirtatious with him. Lawrence being the ultimate fuck boy that he is accepts their invitation to “hang out”, after dismissing his original plans with Chad.


Back at ‘Kiss & Grind’, Issa and Daniel have the most AWKWARD conversation that leads up to a discussion about how they left things the last time they saw each other. Issa shares with Daniel that she should have handled the situation differently. Daniel shrugs it off, saying it was months ago and claims he’s fine. According to my observation of how he looks at Issa, he still wants her! I’m convinced.

Meanwhile, Lawrence is mingling with Becky 1 & Becky 2 at their place and things get real raunchy when Becky 1 straddles Lawrence and kisses him. Becky 2 follows suit and starts kissing Becky 1 and Lawrence at the same time. It was like watching the start of straight up porn!

Back at ‘Kiss & Grind’, Issa is set to meet up with another Tinder-mate, but when they finally meet, homeboy is all kinds of discombobulated about Issa’s appearance and the sound of her voice. Apparently, Issa wore her hair different from the image he saw and I assume she sounded cuter on the phone.


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Back at the Beckys place, Lawrence is puttin’ in WORK with this threesome and the Beckys are enjoying every bit of his “work”. Becky 1 is ridin’ Lawrence like he’s the only other human on Earth with a penis, but by the time it was Becky 2’s turn, Lawrence was tapped out! He tries to “recharge” but Becky 2 doesn’t appreciate his effort and both are, at this point, done with him. Apparently, he came too fast, unlike the other black dudes they’ve mentioned. The Beckys begin to ignore Lawrence as if they don’t even see his tall black naked ass in their bed. They have poor Lawrence in bed looking like…


The ladies leave ‘Kiss & Grind’ and end up at a place to eat, where Issa, again, sees Daniel. They are also there with gentlemen they’ve met at ‘Kiss & Grind’, minus Issa. Her Tinder dude met the REAL Issa and immediately dropped her like a hot potato. While at the restaurant, Dro texts Molly and asks if she wants company. She started to reply with what looked like a yes but pressed that backspace button with the quickness. She turned him down.


Kelli and her “Kiss & Grind dude”, are flirty and annoying at the same damn time! Issa, who’s sitting next to them, can’t seem to shake off the Ls she’s taken all day. On top of that, she has full visual of Daniel dining with friends at the other end of the restaurant. The night can’t get any worse for Issa…or so we thought. Kelli’s flirtiness with her dude comes to a halt and she becomes physically overwhelmed by a “feel good” moment. Issa looks at Kelli with an expression that implicates she has an idea what might be happening. Daniel is watching all the finger fuckery (no pun) and texts Issa, telling her that Kelli’s dude is fingering her under the table. Chile’!!! Issa grabs her plate and goes sits with Daniel.


My thoughts!


It’s pretty clear that both Issa and Lawrence are using these ppl they sleep with as a way to heal their broken hearts.  Issa doesn’t need to spend her nights swiping mobile profiles for her next sexual conquest, and Lawrence doesn’t need to have random, unfulfilling sex with women who will chew him up and spit him out.


Molly needs to stay far away from Dro. Only two things can come from this situation and neither is good.

1….he could be lying just to get Molly’s honeypot

2…the word “friends” go out the window once sex is involved.

As fans, we had to point out to Issa & her team of writers about the lack of safe sex inclusion in their scenes. I’m glad she responded.


Until next week!




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