I must admit…

When rap star, Yung Joc, debuted his new hair, I along with so many critics and fans alike, criticized him for basically expressing his individuality.

My first thought was that Yung Joc looks like a single, hard-working single mother who drives a 2012 Nissan Altima!

According to the many memes and jokes on social media, the style is just one big NO!


We can joke and post memes all day! The truth of the matter is, Yung Joc has the right to express his individuality, whether we like it or not.

Joc’s new hair exposes hypocrisy, ESPECIALLY in the black communities.

  Rap legend, Snoop Dogg, had very few critics when he rocked his Shirley Temple curls!


…and God bless his royal soul, Prince could rock a hairstyle that would put Mary J Blige, Halle Berry, and Fantasia to shame, and we’d better not say a GOTDAM thing about him!

prince prince-2005

The black communities will sometimes, criticize what they aren’t used to or understand. In Joc’s situation, we tend to overlook his ability to express his individuality…something a lot of our kids are limited to doing in such a close-minded culture. Joc chose to express his individuality, just like Snoop and Prince has, so why are we judgin’?

A lot of us say that Joc is rockin’ a “feminine” hairstyle, so does that make him feminine?

If that’s the case, these bald-headed/low-cut beauties must be way too masculine!

bhbeauty1 bhbeauty2 bhbeauty3

Joc is not the first black dude to rock what we’ll say ” a white boy” hairstyle, and he certainly won’t be the last. Let’s open our minds a little more to what’s new to us.



Lakia Nichole

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