Some of you readers may have never experienced what I am about to describe, and if not, thats awesome news for you. As for the rest of us, Prepare to relive some mild frustrations.

Ok, I work just as hard as the next man if not harder, and when i decide to spend my hard earned cash, I expect the company with whom I spend my money to value me, at least as much as every other customer. A company with poor customer service will eventually lose too many customers to their competition with the preferred customer experience. Most companies make sure your first interactions with them are extremely positive, so as not to start off on the wrong foot. But, it seems some companies cant really control their customer service representatives when they are actually interacting with customers face to face.

Allow me to jump to the point. If a company like Verizon or Comcast has arranged an appointment with me at my home, I expect professionalism. I don’t, however, want to be given a lesser, more chilled degree of customer service just because the technician has seen me, and decided that we are peers, and that they may now slack off. 


I, am at my place of residence. You, are currently at work. I need you to act that way. In my case, as a somewhat younger black male, it seems when other young black men arrive for an appointment, they loose all signs of being professional. I am no longer referred to as Mr. Such-n-Such, or even sir. Everything seems to become “yo” this, and “homeboy” that. WHY do we do this to each other? Don’t ask me to bum a cigarette.  Don’t ask me about the new Lil Wayne mixtape that “just dropped”, and don’t ask if I can “get you the hook up at my job n shit”. NO. No the fuck I cant. In fact, you aren’t even doing your current job correctly. 


If #BlackLivesMatter, shouldn’t my god damn customer service? Treat me with the same “fear” and respect you would give to Mr. Danmyer or Mrs. Kowalski. Its as if these workers believe there is an unwritten code that a person of the same race or age grouping will tolerate and not report poor customer service. Most of us have probably even had a technician from a company like one of these make personal calls while in our house, talking to others friends about weekend plans and all kinds of ratchet shit.

key frustrated

WHYYY? You wouldn’t do that at all of your appointments, thats for damn sure, but you didnt even think twice about it at my house. You are de-valuing me because of my age and race, and that makes you an asshole. YOU, are part of the problem. In fact, you might as well go ahead and support Donald Trumps Campaign. 


Thanks for letting me talk my shit.

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