I’m convinced that a man invented the thong underwear because NO woman shouldn’t want thin pieces of fabric stuck between her ass all day! I understand that certain outfits require a thong and I get that, but if I can get away with showing a panty line, then I will rock out with granny panties with no regrets! There’s nothing  more irritating than having to keep pulling floss from between my ass! Do we really have to deal in order to not show a panty line? What’s the big deal with showing a panty line, anyway? Isn’t it normal to wear underwear? Why hide it? Why wear something that makes it appear you don’t have any on? Again…it’s the outfit. Okay!

Ladies, some of you have an underwear drawer stocked with thongs! Like, you’ll wear them every day, unless you have your cycle! Isn’t the area between your butt cheeks irritated???

There are some very pretty thongs out there, but I’d wear them as a headband, rather than have that tiny piece of lace fabric &/or string hiked up between the ass and walk around, pretending that shit don’t annoy me. That’s just me, though.

Ladies, how do you feel about thong underwear? How do you deal when you have to wear them?

Lakia Nichole

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