The Royal One, Prince, strolled up at a Warriors/Thunders game over the weekend, and it was the best thing we’ve seen in a long time! It was also a hilarious thing to see, because for most of us, Prince and basketball take us back to a particular episode of ‘The Dave Chappelle Show’ that had us on our knees with breath-taking laughter!

Need I remind y’all that Prince is a fan of Basketball and he’s pretty nice with the ball, himself. He told Oprah once during an interview. I’ve held on to that mental image of him dribbling a basketball, executing no-look passes and shooting three-pointers ever since.

I’d love to see Prince do NBA All-star celebrity Bball…or at least, coach a team. I have this feeling he could give Jordan a run for his money! even in a stage outfit with heels! DON’T LET HIS EFFEMINATE FASHION TASTE FOOL YA’!



Prince walked in during that game and all eyes were on him! He walked in with a pep in his step like he was about to suit up, beat you into humiliation, and serve some pancakes once it’s over!



It’s not often we get to see Prince make a public appearance, so seeing him sit courtside at an NBA game is something kind of epic!  Even if he does look like he just walked off stage.




Warning: Language

Lakia Nichole

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