A few years back, one of my best friends ( yes, somehow I have more than 1) and I had a funny conversation at random about spam emails. You know, the ones where Prince Bojambeek needs you to deposit millions of dollars, U.S, into your your bank account and send him only a nominal fee of $300? Yeah, that type of bullshit. 


Well, occasionally, we would forward the best of the best attempts to one another, just to laugh at them. I think we can all agree these things are annoying, and often, hilariously worded. What country did this originate? Did they use Google Translator? These assholes may not be able to trick you or I, but clearly, if there were NO success, these emails would no longer exist. That last thought, truly bothered me.

So , for the last few days, my homeboy & I have decided to take a different, more entertaining approach handling these messages. Please see below, as I bring to you ” How to Handle Spam Scam Emails”. Now, keep in mind, this is truly organic. We did not plan, nor previously discuss any potential response. Part of the fun in this, is being creative and totally surprising  not only your acquired target, but also your email counterpart.


Here is the original email he received:

email 1

My Homeboy responds as follows:

email 2

A like a damn good friend, here I am with the closer:

email 3

Have some fun yall. Laugh at shit that normally pisses you off.

Thanks for letting me talk my shit. 


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