Chile’, I’ve done seen it all!

You know us black folks gotta go hard when we send our child off to prom! However, some child’s mama thought it would be a great idea to send her child off to prom with stage props and Beyonce’s “Formation” song, complete with backup dancers.

A Facebook user by the name of Floyd D Wimberly posted a video of himself and another dancer breaking down the full choreography to “Formation”, even down to the HAT! The video went viral, causing mixed reaction from viewers.

The funny thing about all of this video is the prom date, standing there, watching the entire routine go down, with the most unimpressed look on his face. Chile’! He looked like he wasn’t there for ANY OF IT! ‘Is y’all finished or is y’all done’, is probably what came to this poor child’s mind!

Anyway, when the “Prom Diva of Honor” finally made her grand entrance, most of the¬†viewers were apparently surprised to see that she didn’t quite “slay” as they’ve expected. One commenter said she was in an Easter dress.


Some thought it was way too much for a prom send-off. Some even thought it was inappropriate, because of the adult lyrics in the song.




I guess the days of the young man coming to the door with the corsage in hand are over *shrugs*.


Lakia Nichole

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