It’s that never-ending battle that gets more difficult with age.
It’s the battle of what we know Vs. what we feel.
Those of us that usually surrenders to the heart are more susceptible to getting hurt, but we take the chance, anyway. A lot of us put our fragile hearts in the hands of someone who’s not going to take care of it and most of the time, we know that, hoping for the best. There are two main reasons why a lot of us follow our hearts and give it away too freely; We give it out of love or we give it out of loneliness.

However, choosing what our heart feels isn’t always linked to romance. Our heart represents our passion for other things like enhancing a specific talent or choosing a career path. Many of us follow our hearts towards things we’re passionate about, including love. Those of us who follow our minds are more guarded and makes more conventional life choices. Why? Because we don’t want to become disappointed. But, are we really fulfilled or even happy when we follow our minds?

I’d like to do a comparison:
Heart: Limited to choices involving love & passion; it represents what we feel and what we want.
Mind: Choices are made from a much broader spectrum; Represents decisions based on standard principles and practical ways of living.

If we think about it, there really isn’t a wrong answer in which we choose. As long as we’re happy and our needs are met…we’re good.


Lakia Nichole

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