Imagine being a hair model on national television…
Imagine walking into the studio with your near-perfect hairdo…
Now imagine your hairdo practically ruined by the visiting hair stylist….LIVE ON THE AIR!

That’s exactly what happened during a segment on Thursday’s ‘The Today Show’.

Hair expert, Deepica Mutyala , was utilizing her skills by giving trendy hairstyle tutorials in one minute or less. Things were going well until she got to the black model, whose hair was already perfect!

Press play below to see the outcome!

Chile’, that “expert” took that model’s curls and turned them into some lopsided ponytail, complete with a bird’s nest as a bang! I’m assuming producers didn’t suggest the expert to go over the models’ hair before going live, because she’s an “expert”!


Mutyala CLEARLY struggled with that black model’s hair, which only proves that all hair experts do not have the knowledge of how black hair works. Did you see the look of concern on that model’s face??? Her one-minute Summer hair looked like she ran through a tornado!

Savannah Guthrie saw what we all saw and subtly let the country know that the expert tried by saying, “it helps that the model’s gorgeous”.

Bless that expert’s heart!

Lakia Nichole
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