Because his images display that of a statuesque gentleman with striking features, it’s almost hard to believe Hyun Han Min is only 16-Years-Old.

Min is making history as the first ever Korean-African model!

According to Vogue, the teen was born to a Korean mother and Nigerian father who met in Itaewon, a  neighborhood in Seoul, South Korea, while working in trade.

Han only began modeling last year, after an agency found him on Instagram and arranged a meeting. “We met in Itaewon, actually, at Holly’s coffee shop,” he recalls. “They had me walk there; I walked, and the moment they saw me move, they signed me.” Where most Korean models go through a rigorous training system, he is entirely self-taught, having watched YouTube videos to learn how to stride. 

“Because my skin is different, some designers and brands won’t really use me,” he says. “But rather than leaving, I want to work harder—being Han Hyun Min and building my own unique charm is important to me.”


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Lakia Nichole

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