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There are artists that tell a story through music so effortlessly and Austin Brown’s 13-track mixtape Highway 85 is proof.

When I first learned of Austin Brown, I immediately took notice of how much of a true music lover that he is. I had the feeling his love for music would reflect in the music he creates, showing us his musical prowess. As part of the Jackson clan, we can’t deny the musical influence he’s inherited from his parents ( his Mother is Reebie) and his uncles, The Jackson Five. However, you’ll sense a generous amount of pride in Austin that doesn’t come from being a part of a musically royal family.

I’ve watched a few interviews with Austin and I’ve picked up on how careful he is not to bring up Uncle Michael or Aunt Janet…and rightfully so. It’s so easy for the media to compare Austin to his famous and legendary uncle, but as we get to know a little more about Austin, we’ll see that because of his diverse taste in music and his individuality…he noticeably stands out.


He’s more than just “Michael Jackson’s nephew”. He’s established his own style, musically and fashionably….and we’re here for it! Another thing I’ve picked up during his interviews; Austin’s knowledge of artists way before his time. At just 30-years-old, I am really impressed. That just goes to show that he studies…which is why he’s a genius at creating music that resonates with true music lovers.

Being musically innovative gives Austin the opportunity to show his fans and critics alike that he isn’t where he is because of the family name. His 2013 project Highway 85 reflects that.

A piece of Austin’s bio:

Austin’s musical journey can be described as many things; eclectic, exciting, creative, innovative… but never mundane. His style effortlessly fuses rock, R&B, soul and funk to construct a melodic platform that relates to many people on multiple levels. “My music is inspired by life, everyday situations and wanting to pay homage to the people who inspired me to make music”, says Austin. “I make music for people to enjoy and for them to have a sense of escapism. I want my music to take you through the trials and tribulations of the world.”

With musical inspirations that range as diversely as his music, Austin aptly credits Quincy Jones, A Tribe Called Quest, Prince and The Beatles as his idols. A notable array of musical inspirations include Miles Davis, Quincy Jones, George Michael, his uncle Michael Jackson, Herbie Hancock, Lenny Kravitz, Jimmy Hendrix, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and Sly and the Family Stone. It is this eclectic repertoire of motivators and his overall passion for the art of music that has allowed Austin to steadily break through the boundaries of contemporary musicianship and artistry. This zeal is the driving force behind the Back Pack Kids movement that defines Austin’s musical direction and the fanbase that has helped create the artist that he is today.


I can’t end this post without mentioning how easy on the eyes Austin is, which is not surprising…considering the fact that the Jackson clan is a bunch of good-looking people!

It’s been three years since Austin’s début project, and needless to say…I’m getting impatient:-) BUT…I know greatness takes time. I look forward to hearing more from Austin Brown.

Get Highway 85 here

Austin was one of the artists featured in 2013’s B.E.T’s Music Matters Showcase. Check out his performance!

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