Scandal fans cheered for Olivia Pope’s announcement to the world that she is Fitz’s side chick on a recent episode. She gets a pass on television, but if this was real life, there would be so much criticism and backlash that homegirl would have to move out of the country.

Keri Washington’s character did it all out of love.  “Olivia’s” words to President Fitz as she publicly humiliates herself for her man were “Watch me choose you!”

I wanted to be “here for Liv” but my echoing thought, Olivia is dumb as hell, exuded my common sense and side eye during that scene.

It made me think of all the “Olivia Popes” in the real world. Not necessarily all black women in a position of power but figuratively. Under normal circumstances, we would look at willing side chicks as women who are in desperate need of some self-esteem. Why do women allow themselves to be treated as an option?I want to know how their brains come up with the thought that their man could possibly be MORE of a man if he leaves his wife, kids, two dogs AND the cat to be with her.


In their most gullible and silly ways, willing side chicks will always be “faithful” because they don’t want to cheat on another woman’s man.

At some point, the side chick has to realize that she deserves her own man who will treat her like a priority. BUT if a side chick doesn’t think she’s worthy of her own man, neither will the dude she’s having the affair with. He doesn’t care about nothing but fulfilling the needs his wife or “main chick” can’t do for him.

To be a side chick unknowingly is one thing. You could think your boo thang is only seeing you until you find out proof, then you cut him off. Kudos to you! But to those side chicks that stick around afterwards or worse…already knew he was married or involved says a lot about how you feel about yourself and that’s not much.

Side chicks can’t grasp the fact that when they start relationships as the other woman, they will never be the only woman. As long as the main chick has a ring and official marriage license, she will always come first. Do you always want to be a second thought to a man who is supposed to care about you?

We all know that cheating and side chicks can be glorified by Hollywood for entertainment purposes, but that’s what makes for good ass drama! We cheer for Olivia because she deserves love, right? Well, so does “Mellie”, the First Lady.  She deserves not only love but respect, which she’s clearly not getting. “Olivia” needs to respect herself in order to get the kind of love she truly deserves.

The same applies to all the “Olivia Popes” outside of television land. No matter your background, race, or age, allowing yourself to be a man’s option should never even be a thought.


Lakia Nichole

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