As the East Coast prepare for the 2016 Winter Storm Jonas, the massive snowstorm making its way to us in a few hours, it’s beneficial  for us to recognize the dos and don’ts when you’re stuck in the house. Knowing how to not develop ‘cabin fever’ is a MUST!

What is ‘cabin fever’? Simply put…irritability, listlessness, and similar symptoms resulting from long confinement or isolation while indoors during the winter. Here are the five Dos and Don’ts when you’re stuck in your home.


Don’t stay in bed-  Laying in bed for an extended amount of time will make you feel like you were hit by a Mack truck. That’s your body’s way of telling you that you need to get up, stretch it and move around! It’s best to stay mobile and active as much as possible to prevent soreness, as well as prevent claustrophobia; walk around, clean, exercise, dance to your favorite tunes…anything that will  keep you from developing that sore feeling.

Don’t Let Boredom Strike You- When boredom hits us, we tend to either try to eat it away, sleep it away, or do things we normally wouldn’t do. Act accordingly and think before you do. Nothing wrong with sleeping, but if you’re with family, particularly your kid(s) or your spouse, it’s better to try to sleep at a more appropriate time and focus on keeping your family from developing ‘cabin fever’, as well. Play board games, watch movies, listen to music, etc. You get the point.

Don’t Eat TOO MUCH Junkfood- Stay away from things that are high in sugar like sodas, cakes, pies, etc. Stay away from a lot of fatty stuff like fried foods. Not only is it bad diet, but if you or your kids consume too much sugar, it might backtrack on you as the parent. You’re going to need some “quiet time” at some point, or maybe even some “quality time” with your spouse. You don’t need to be stuck  in the house with your children amped up on sugar. Also remember…our Summer bodies develop in the Winter. Just be careful with your food consumption.

Don’t Argue/Fight- This is particularly for those who’d rather get stuck elsewhere…LOL. Knowing that you and another disagree on basically everything is one thing, but to be confined in a house where a disagreement can easily  transpire and turn into a full-blown argument is a whole other issue. As adults, you have to put ill feelings aside and do what’s best while waiting out the blizzard together, especially if there are kids around. Kids don’t need to be exposed to the negativity, so it’s best to keep the house in peaceful order.

Don’t Complain– Honestly, complaining about the snow won’t make it stop and melt away. Remember that you and your family are not the only ones confined. Deal with it, wait it out, and don’t let being “stuck” affect your attitude. Your attitude will definitely rub off on others in the house.



Read– Catch up on some reading material; either  the books on your “to read” list or those worthy blogs you’ve meant to log onto. Reading is an activity that will help take your mind off of what’s going on outside while you enlighten yourself with a great story, interesting articles,  or some self-enhancement information.

Cook as a family– Get up one morning and make a big breakfast as a family. While the snow continues to fall, you and your family are having a time of your lives by being ‘chefs’. While the kids are cracking the eggs, you are flipping the pancakes and frying the bacon. Cooking is one of the best activities to do as a family. It’s also a good way to converse on what’s going on in each other’s lives, especially if you all don’t see enough of each other during the day. (work, school, etc.)

Start that project you’ve meant to work on– Now that you have the time, you can start that project you’ve tried to find the time to do for weeks or even months! Redecorate your place, rearrange your closet, start that scrapbook, finish that gigantic puzzle, or organize. Whatever you’ve meant to do, being stuck home during the blizzard is the perfect reason why you should just go ‘head and knock it out!

Workout– As aforementioned, Summer bodies are developed in the Winter. Along with good eating habits is a good workout regiment that you can start doing.  Light aerobics, yoga, or even Zumba with the Wii is great for beginners. The more you do, the better you’ll feel. The better you’ll feel, the better you’ll look!

Have movie/Netflix time– We don’t realize that 8 bucks a month for unlimited films/documentaries is a great investment  to have when we’re snowed in. Especially if you no longer own a DVD player. In this day in age where technology has changed, we either digitally record our shows or use movie-streaming services like Netflix. Movie time is another awesome way to spend time with family while stuck home during a blizzard. Although, it’s good on any given day 🙂


Hopes this helps my  East Coast family. Let’s stay warm. Let’s stay safe. Let’s stay prayed up.






Lakia Nichole

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