We all like to do things for our friends because we love them and they’re like family, right?

I’m sure Michael Ranson thought the same thing about his friend, Ami Cullimore, who wanted children.

In the year 2000, Ranson, who is a gay man, agreed to donate his sperm so Cullimore could undergo IVF (In Vitro Fertilization). Cullimore ultimately gave birth to two children with Ranson’s help.

According to The Montreal Gazette, Ranson’s help came with a few agreements:

Ranson and Cullimore signed an agreement that granted her full custody. The agreement also included a clause that stated Cullimore would not seek financial support for the children from him. Although he planned to be part of their lives as an extended member because he didn’t want children of his own, financial responsibility wasn’t part of the deal. 16 years later and now a doctor, Cullimore is suing Ranson for child support.

Despite the agreement they signed, there’s a legal loophole in Canada that may leave high and dry. If a judge rules in Cullimore’s favor, unfortunately, Ranson will be responsible for “four years of retroactive child support, since 2012, as well as other expenses, including post-secondary education,” according to the publication. His attorney, Shirley Levitan, is hoping their previous agreement holds up in court, but there’s a strong possibility Ranson could be held accountable for the children.

What would YOU do if you were Ranson?

Source: Queerty




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