With my 35 years on the planet, I have never heard a heterosexual man say he doesn’t need a woman, but I have heard women say 90% of the time, I don’t need a man…. There’s something truly off about this picture when you think about it. Why is it that men feel they need or want us, but women feel they don’t need a man at all ?? Think about it… I have never in my entire life, heard a man say, “forget women”, I don’t need a woman!” “There are no good women out there”.. but some women say all the time “There are no good men at all”, to the point where it becomes true. Some women believe on a deeper level, that there really are no good men out there. I’ve heard these women express their pure hatred for men. Some even went to the other side based off this belief.

That’s deep! As much as men get on my nerves at times and women get on men’s nerves, that’s not a reason to go the other side. You will never catch a straight man entertaining being with a man, just because he’s had a few bad relationships with women. I’d rather be single than be open to love from whomever I can get it from. I’ve never been that desperate to have someone in my life. A person is free to choose whoever they want to be with. But why does it have to get to the level, that we feel that we don’t need each other, when it’s clear that we do. Why does it seem like it’s getting harder and harder to find genuine trustworthy loyal people? I understand a lot of women are single mothers and they deal with everything on their own. Women have to be both mother and father. So it leads women to think that there are no good men out there. Especially if the men are not stepping up to the plate.

I understand the frustration. People are not themselves and they can’t tell the truth. They fear if you know the real them, it might be over before it even starts. People want so much to impress you, that it’s an unrealistic projected expectation that they can not live up to. I don’t know about other people, but what you see is what you get with me. I’m myself and if most people would just relax and be themselves, they’d just might get what they want…  If we like someone, why is it so hard to do simple things, like go out on a real date? Call someone for a few minutes or do something thoughtful. Why do we test people’s loyalty and play games? When that person stops talking to us, we wonder why. Why do we claim we want love and we make ourselves unavailable for love?

Before we decide to be with someone. We really need to get clear about who we are first. I’m pretty sure the answer lies deep within us.



Aisha Denise

A passionate writer from New Jersey who’s also a music lover and a foodie!

My love of writing started when I was just a baby! Now as an in-depth woman, I still have that passion for words, as well as life. In my spare time, I love to cook, read, dance, blog, and just enjoy what life has to offer.