Despite my warnings in my previous post, Older Woman and Younger Men, I think men in their twenties should experience an older woman, AT LEAST, once in their lifetime. 10 years, 20 years, or even 30 years if you like that kind of maturity, is what I consider “a treat” for guys who are often seeking a woman who doesn’t exhibit that needy persona, unlike women around their age that tend to do. An older woman for a guy is not only fun to be around but she provides an emotional and sexual security blanket for him; something he’ll appreciate.

Your stamina with the experience of an older woman makes a great sexual connection. Your thrive to be “adventurous” and an older woman’s confidence and youthfulness is what makes great chemistry. As long as you’re both adults, know what you both want, and using protection, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with you guys dating older. If you’re only seeking out women in your age bracket, you’re missing out!


Guys should date older for a number of reasons….

She doesn’t need you, she wants you.

She plays be her own rules without the influence of her girlfriends

She knows what she wants and doesn’t want

She has her own life

She will OWN YOU under the sheets and you will love it

She has her own life and will not need too much of your time

She’s fun to be around

She can teach you a few critical life lessons that you can implement in your own life


Keep in mind that older doesn’t always mean wiser. In some cases, single women in their 30s and 40s are still struggling with relationships for various reasons. As a result, you guys should proceed with caution because a lot of those women act on emotions. However, the more evolved a woman become after each failed relationship, the better she becomes at checking herself. It really depends on if she knows what she wants.

Lakia Nichole

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