I don’t think you guys have no idea that when a woman is in a committed relationship with you, she “throws it” better. You reap the benefits of not just the ass, but her mind, body, and soul because she feels you deserve them. When you prove to her that she is the only woman you’ll ever need, she won’t hesitate to support that decision by giving you ALL of her.

Let me break it down for ya…

The more you treat your woman how she should be treated, the less you push her away into the arms of another man. Unfortunately, you date around like you’re trying on shoes. You like the pair you’ve already picked, but you try on other pairs in case they look better on your feet. There’s nothing wrong with having options, but why are options even needed when you have a woman in your life that’s willing to give you what you claim you’re looking for?

If the feelings aren’t mutual or you just don’t want to be in a relationship, then I can understand. Once you realize that, coming clean would be the best for both involved to save yourselves from more drama in the future. However, you’re the guy who needs variety before you make a choice, so your phone’s contact list resembles the classic “little black book” with 5-star ratings and the whole nine! ¬†There’s nothing hindering you from going to the next level with this particular woman. There’s no financial instability, no baby mama drama, and things are going pretty well..except for the fact that you punk out on the first sign of a serious relationship.

If she is who you want then maybe you should consider giving her a chance and see how things go. You’re obviously ready for a commitment because you tell yourself that all the time…you just have this fear of making the wrong choice. I promise you…when you give your full attention to her, she will send you somewhere you’ve never been before. Women carry what you call Oxytocin, a chemical reaction that ignites after sex. We feel happy, relaxed, and feel a deeper connection to our mate. When we’re committed, oh boy! That chemical reaction stays ignited and bursts like fireworks! Along with trusting you and being head-over-heels in love with you, she will pull no stops when making you feel the way she feels about you. Everything you were looking for physically and emotionally from those other women, she can provide for you because she loves you and she’s IN love with you. When you’re committed, that makes for even better sex and a better emotional connection. You, my friend, just have to be willing.

What’s the worst that could happen?

You two are only sexually compatible. Unfortunately, we don’t find out about that until we become “official”. It happens. At the end of the day, you gave it a shot. However, it could also be the best thing that could ever happen to you. You’ll never know unless you try.


Lakia Nichole
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