Sometimes in relationships, it takes losing someone to realize that she really is the one for you. After that realization, you rack your brain, trying to find ways to win her heart back. Keep in mind, that there’s a possibility that trying to win her heart will be much more difficult the second time around, because trust has been broken.

So, you fellah, had to step your A game up in order to get her back. If you’ve succeeded, well congrats! Now, here comes the important stuff! Learning how NOT to lose her heart again! Get a pen and a piece of paper and get ready to take notes!

Stay pursuant- Don’t get comfortable with thinking you no longer have to do the “hard work” to get her back, because trust me…even though she gave you another chance, she still has her guard up. Be sincere and genuine with keeping her convinced she made the right choice in taking you back.

Be creative- If she’s used to the typical you, do something out of the ordinary to keep her intrigued. It’s knowing that you went “all out” that she’ll appreciate. It shows you really care about your second chance. When you do something great for her that’s unexpected, it gives her clarity on how serious you are with keeping the  relationship solid.

Stay protective of her emotions– Because the relationship is new again, you must understand that she’s still sensitive about why the relationship failed the first time. Be a good listener when she needs to talk. Body language plays a huge part when communicating, and make sure she always know she’s in good hands with you.

Pay Attention– Be attentive to her needs; remember the small details about the relationship or even her. A man who remembers small details about her and the relationship means a lot to a woman in love. Again…be a great listener to whatever she has to say. She may “test” you one day to see if you’ve paid attention.

Be romantic– Nothing says love like being romantic, especially if that’s something you don’t practice often. She’ll feel much appreciated once she sees all the hard work and creativity you’ve put into making her feel special.

Lakia Nichole

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