Let’s face it…a grown ass man doing grown ass things is one of the sexiest traits a grown male adult could ever have. I mean…what’s sexier than being a responsible, considerate, and thoughtful adult who basically does what he says he’s gonna do?

When you’re a grown ass man who does good, you deserve everything your heart desires, PLUS some more stuff!  I think I can speak for some of the ladies when I say your grownassism is also a huge turn-on. A grown ass man has a certain level of maturity that goes deeper than age. It’s all in how he represents himself and how they see and understand things.

There are many ways to execute being a grown ass man, but here are FIVE that sticks out and are winners with the ladies!

Being upfront~ There’s never a guessing game when you have a conversation with a grown ass man. He will tell you why he’s upset or happy. He will share details about his day and ask about yours. If you need advice, he’ll communicate his to the best of his knowledge. Even texting each other is a delight, because it’s just a quicker form of the meaningful conversations you have when you’re on the phone. There’s also no inevitable power struggle with guessing who will text who first. That’s something high-schoolers would do.


Self motivated~ If there’s something in his life he wants to improve, he will get it done without any influence from others. He knows what works and will do his best to enhance or change what doesn’t. He accepts that he needs help in certain areas of his life and isn’t ashamed to get the help he needs. He’s a grown ass man who seeks personal improvement.


Taking care of the kids~ A grown ass man takes care of his kids, even if he and mom are no longer an item. He takes care of his kids because that’s what he’s supposed to do and he knows it. He doesn’t seek out attention to be celebrated and is pretty modest about compliments about how well he takes care of them. He knows being a father is the greatest responsibility any man could be.


Having interests~ A grown ass man has interests other than playing XBox and who he can take home after the club every weekend. He enjoys broadening his horizons by educating himself on things he’s not accustomed to. It could be music, reading material or any other activity that makes life enjoyable. He’ll even encourage you to try a new activity. Now, that’s a grown ass man!


Being honest~ If you ask a grown ass man where you stand in the relationship, he will tell you straight up without beating around the bush. You are either his woman or his option. Either way, he wants you to make sure you’ve been given clarity on where you stand with him. It’s up to you to be at peace with how he’ll define his relationship with you. It’s not just about the romantic relationship aspect. When a grown ass man practices general honesty, it only means that he doesn’t sugarcoat for anyone and you’ll have to respect him for that. Although honest folks can be quite blunt, it beats having a conversation with them “beating around the bush”. An HONEST grown ass man will not have you constantly wondering about things. Ask the questions you want answers to, and a grown ass man will give them to you.



Lakia Nichole

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