Fellahs…I feel compelled to share with you how truly disappointed I am that  “Netflix and chillin'” has become the ideal date for some of you. I’ve heard and read stories of how my gullible ladies fall for the Netflix and chill option, only to find themselves with their faces down and asses up 20 minutes into the movie.


Let’s face it, we all know that two attractive ppl with other intentions in the crib alone is NOT going to sit and watch a two-hour movie, no matter how good it may be.  The guy has sex on the brain the minute his lady says “I’ll bring the pizza”. This “Netflix and chill” situation has shed light on two issues; The possible reality of men losing their sense of romance and the women making it too easy for guys to get the goodies.

I want to know if there are still men out there who believes in putting forth effort into the women they’re dating without ass on the brain. Are there guys who still believe in bringing a woman flowers when picking her up for an official date? Are there guys who still believes in treating his woman to a candle-lit dinner?


Ladies, are we at a point in our lives where it doesn’t matter if your dude practices romance or not? Do we even know what being romanced feels like? I’d love to know because it seems like we’re letting these guys treat us as if they found our hearts on the bargain rack. I don’t want to seem “preachy” but with all due respect, Netflix is hardly a great way to invest time with someone you’re supposed to get to know.

The hilarity of all of this is that an on-demand movie-streaming website  has become code for sex but we’re grown! If you want ass, just sat you want ass! Now, I could expect “Netflix and chill” from the generation under me, but guys, come on! If you were born in the seventies, you should at least seek cable television and commitment!

Fellahs, my advice to you is this….take one day to surprise your lady with something she’d least expect you’d do. Something romantic and something that says “she’s worth it”. She will truly appreciate the effort. Save Netflix for a  “lay on the couch and scratch your balls” type of day.


Lakia Nichole
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