Fellahs, I’ve been meaning to ask this question, because I get general mixed signals on how men feel about women who approach them.

Let me first say…a woman can be clever enough to let you know she’s interested in you without actually saying it. A woman can also just tell you without hesitation. Either way, she’s throwing the ball on your side of the court. What she decides to do next, depends on your reaction…or lack thereof.

I’ve heard stories about how some guys don’t pick up the rhythm he’s given from women who’s trying to pursue them. I take it as these guys aren’t used to getting “attention”.

I have also experienced being on one end of the court where the ball was never returned. At that point, I became¬†convinced that ALL guys aren’t fond of being pursued, approached, or however you want to look at it. He was either flattered so much, he didn’t know how to respond, or he just wasn’t interested. Either way, I know he picked up on the rhythm I was giving him, because I’ve never given it to him before.

It leads me to the question, which I’m sure my ladies would like to know the answer to…

Are you flattered when women approach you/show interest OR are you intimidated by them?





Lakia Nichole

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