Meet Devin Trent!

“I’ve always been into photography. I even had a video camera that I would carry around for my high school video yearbook. Photography Is fun for me. It’s not work at all.

There’s power in pictures. You can tell a compelling story with wedding photos. A story that can make you laugh, cry and reminisce. A story that can really touch you emotionally. I find those stories to be fascinating.

Images can be used to send subliminal messages as well, be it positive or negative. I choose to use that subliminal power for good. I have an ongoing project I’m working on called “Team Natural”. The purpose of this project is to encourage and inspire my sistas to embrace their natural God-given crowns of glory. I saw a story on the news, covered by Rochelle Ritchie a while ago. A girl was teased about her hair in school. Her mother tried to encourage her to ignore her peers and tell her that she was beautiful just the way she is. The daughter was reluctant to believe because her mother was still getting perms herself. Then so commenced the mothers natural hair journey. Now mommy and daughter are wearing their real hair, and the daughter is more confident about it.”


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“I believe that the more sistas see other sistas being beautiful in their natural hair, the more they will be inspired to do the same.

Many women wear fake hair, fake butts, fake breasts, fake eyelashes, fake fingernails, fake toenails, fake handbags, fake clothes….. but yet they want a “Real Man”…..smh….. Black women and their real hair, I love them…. I celebrate them!”

“Peace to the middle east, and a bottle of hair grease ;-)”

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