Trick Daddy has been the topic of conversation these last few hours, but it has nothing to do with his music, which we haven’t heard much of since the 90s. The Miami rapper is in hot water for some recent comments he made on his Instagram about black women and how we should “tighten up”.

Read what he’s said below:

“These Spanish, these white h**s, they just started getting finer than a m*****f****r,” he said to the camera while driving his car. “Y’all black h**s better tighten up. I’m telling you, tighten up. Y’all doing all that extra s**t for nothing. You not achieving nothing, b***h. You get y’all a** done, ya titties done, ya paying $150 to get your makeup done just to go to a local club, b***h. Tighten up, h*e. These Spanish and these white h**s getting very spiffy on y’all. They f**k around and learn how to fry chicken you h**s is useless.”

Check his message on video, as well.



Y’all black girl better tighten up ..

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When I initially thought of writing a response to Trick’s questionable perception about black women, I was trying to figure out why I would want to waste some of my bandwidth addressing remarks from a 40 plus year-old rapper who spends more time posting on Instagram than creating a timeless hit record.

This dude wanted relevancy, so he created some with a profanity-fueled video, bashing  black women, KNOWING gotdamn well social media was gonna create a buzz.

It worked

Trick Daddy’s name is on just about every urban blog and entertainment site there is…including mine.


Job, well done. You got the attention you’ve wanted.

…but while you take part in devaluing your people, I feel compelled to address your remarks with statistical information that may make you sit down and…shut up.

First, let me share why I cannot take your “advice” seriously.

Before you give advice to anyone, you should make sure your shit doesn’t stink. I’ve read reports of what you’ve been up to since your last album, and I must say…your shit is smellin’ like a sewage pipe, Dawg!

According to Essence, you’ve filed for bankruptcy, because in addition to not paying your taxes, you owed over $50,000 in back child support to two mothers of your children. In 2014, you were arrested for possessing a handgun and cocaine, and during a separate incident, pulled a gun out on someone at a baseball game.

I’m sure both White women and Hispanic women share our sentiments when we, as black women, are not qualified EVER to give advice. That was the most ignorant and misogynistic piece of shit advice I was ever exposed to.


A 40 plus year-old man who can’t even form a complete sentence that makes sense, and got the NERVE to try to school people on life and frying chicken!!!..BOY BYE!


According to your rant, black women are not achieving, but…

Black women are now the most educated group in America, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. A higher percentage of black women — 9.7% to be exact — are enrolled in college than any other racial or gender group, including white men, white women, and Asian women. ~Source

According to your rant, we’re slacking on frying chicken, but we can teach you how to make HEALTHY fried chicken, thanks to Black Doctor. Org~ Source

According to your rant, we need to “tighten up”, but…

African-American women-owned businesses continue to grow despite significant financial and social obstacles. African-American-owned businesses are the fastest-growing segment of the women-owned business market and are starting up at a rate six times higher than the national average.~ Source

I choose not to dissect most of your rant because it’s pointless. You’re highlighting the issue of addiction to cosmetic surgery, but it’s not just black women with this problem.

I need you to define “spiffy”, because according to your rant, we [black women] are doing just fine without that particular trait.



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