Abigail Fisher battled with the University of Texas over its affirmative action in admissions. Since 2008, Fisher has cried about not being accepted to the University of Texas because she’s white and claims that affirmative action was used against her, when in fact, she just hasn’t pulled well-enough grades to make it in. Fisher also claimed that the state’s consideration of race to promote diversity on campus violated the Constitution’s equal protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.

UT is a state program that admits the top 10 percent of student achievers in their classes. There were 47 students   admitted, which sources report five of those students are of Black and Latino descents. But guess what? Her lawsuit only challenged the five students of color.


Thursday, The U.S. Supreme Court effectively upheld affirmative action by ruling against her.

First, let me say that I cannot believe this has went on for whole eight years. After all of this time, I hope she’s realized that she doesn’t get a pass for being a white female with mediocre grades. Schools like UT ain’t about that life!

Let’s point out the obvious:

Fisher only challenged the five students who are people of color and not the 42 white ones. That tells me that she felt entitled before a certain group of people.

I don’t think my girl has done enough research on affirmative action, because if she did, she’d know that AA helps white women more than any other group of people. Therefore, she needed to sit down eight years ago.

In response to the Supreme Court’s decision, Fisher said in a statement, “I am disappointed that the Supreme Court has ruled that students applying to the University of Texas can be treated differently because of their race or ethnicity.”

“I hope that the nation will one day move beyond affirmative action,” she added.


Attorney Edward Blum called the decision a “sad step backward for the original, colorblind principles to our civil rights laws.”

That comment is such a slap in the face to any minority that still struggles with injustice and racism today.

We are talking about a white woman who’s made an eight-year spectacle of herself because some black and latino students got into a school that she couldn’t get into!


Ms. Abigail,

I need you to seriously evaluate what it is you’ve put yourself through because of your need to feel like you’re owed something. In life, we will not always get what we want, so we make it with what we have. I need you, Ms. Fisher, to sit and talk with the thousands of people who has had legit battles involving race &/0r sex with a society that only supported people who look like you! How about sit with folks that battled with a society BEFORE affirmative action was implemented? 

In my opinion, this is a case when equality feels like oppression to a person with privilege. This is less about your shitty grades and more about why you, a white woman, didn’t get in, but those five students who are people of color did!


When it comes down to it, Ms. Abby, you’re just mad that your “white privilege” card got revoked! Deal with it, because guess what? What you think you deserve may not be for you. 

We all know that in life, things don’t always go as planned, so pull up your ‘big girl draws’ and go study.

Sincerely Amused,

Lakia Nichole

Lakia Nichole

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