Folks go ABSOLUTELY  mad every year during Black Friday. While I understand why we make room on our holiday schedule to shop on this particular day (save a few dollars for Christmas shopping), it does not mean we should act like animals by trampling each other & going into full fisticuffs over flat screen televisions, steamers, iPads, & crop pots!

When it gets to the point where guns are pulled out, including stun guns…it’s time for these retailers, advertisers & marketing heads to reconsider Black Friday. The consumers are killing each other over electronics & wedding dresses!
Let’s not forget to mention that these “sales” will pop up again after the holidays, so why are we really in full war mode when we walk through the doors of a major retail store? When consumers hear the words “Black Friday”, it’s like they are overcome with competitiveness & the readiness to attack. Folks leave out of their homes in preparation for war (stun guns, handguns, knives, etc.)

With all of that said, I believe Black Friday should be banned! As we can clearly see consumers walk into these stores & show all the way AAWWF! Also, during these tumultuous economic times where money is funny & people are desperate, some consumers are bound to get out of order when it comes to a $500 60 inch flat screen!

Lakia Nichole

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