What happens when conspiracy theories turn out to be fact?  In politics, it becomes a bombardment of lies and cover-ups which often come out in the wash.

In Hillary Clinton’s capacity as a government official, her e-mails are sometimes considered “classified”. It would be illegal for her to send or received such classified e-mails over a private account.  We’re not just talking about removal from office – we’re talking about jail time.  These classified e-mails often refer to (but not limited to) e-mails which are highly sensitive to national security, may expose agents out in the field, or may include information which may divulge national secrets.

Hillary Clinton maintained a private e-mail server that she chose to use for all of her e-mails, as opposed to one for private e-mails and one for business emails.  Her e-mail accounts came under scrutiny (most notably) during the Benghazi Hearings conducted by Republican Trey Gowdy.  For a very long time, it had been speculated that the Republicans would do whatever they can to discredit Hillary Clinton, hopefully disrupting her run for President in 2016.  Those speculations are no longer mere speculations.  Trey Gowdy chose an e-mail from her account that he had written to show that Ms Clinton had violated the law by having classified information on a private account.

In this e-mail, Gowdy redacted (covered in black ink) the name mentioned in the e-mail.  It was revealed by the CIA that THE E-MAIL IN QUESTION WAS NOT CLASSIFIED AND SHOWED ABSOLUTELY NO REASON TO HAVE BEEN RADACTED.

Ms Clinton turned over more than thirty-thousand (30,000) emails from her account, and deleted about the same amount, none of which were classified.  Here we are months later, her part in the Benghazi Hearings done, and there is absolutely no mention of Trey Gowdy telling an outright lie, falsifying records, and deliberately altering Ms Clinton’s emails in an attempt to de-rail her campaign.

This is just one blatant way in which the Republican Party will do and have done anything within their power to unseat the Democrats.  Do we let it continue?  Do we read the reports and let it go?  Do we continue to “not vote” and let Republicans remain in control of both The House and The Senate?

No!  We get out to the polls and remove them!  We elect those who have our interests at heart!  Whoever you choose to vote for, please make it a .  .  .  non-republican!


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