I’ve wanted to write about this for a while for a few reasons;

One…because it’s an issue that a lot of ppl have, but they aren’t even aware of it.
Two…My character in my  novel “Number One Fan” suffers from it.
Three…It’s a subject that I need to help bring to light because it’s not often talked about. Most ppl have never heard of Celebrity Worship Syndrome.

Celebrity Worship Syndrome is celebrity admiration on a more extreme level. People who struggle with relationships in their personal lives often suffers from this. As a result, they use their favorite star to fill a void. They also become very interested & deeply involved in their celebrity victim’s personal lives.

While I’d like to say that in most cases, CWS starts off with minimal adulation….and that’s okay. Unfortunately, it could deepen to extreme levels depending on the mental & emotional state of the person. That makes it very hard for the person who suffers from this see that (s)he has a problem. They’re oblivious to the fact that their behavior and  actions involving their favorite celebrity are borderline obsessive and stalkerish. To them, it’s harmless behavior.
Let’s take a moment to recognize the symptoms.

Using social media daily to “study” the victim

Become extremely defensive when their favorite star is talked about negatively

Social media interaction (a little more than the typically minimal) with their victim solidifies the sufferer’s notion that they’re “special” or that they have a personal friendship.

An enormous need to attend every concert or event that the victim partakes in, even if traveling is required.

Constant fantasies of intimacy

The sufferer also deals with insecurity & low self-esteem

There’s a character in my book Number One Fan who is celebrity-obsessed with her favorite star. She suffered from many of the symptoms but on an extreme level. I don’t want to give too much away. Let’s just say Kennedy is reckless. When you read the book, you will either think she’s crazy or you will feel sorry for her…..maybe both. She will have our emotions going up & down like a roller coaster. So, you can imagine the mind of a person who suffers from Celebrity Worship Syndrome. As they deal with what they lack in their own lives, using their celebrity victims to feel more secure and validated has become their norm. They feel more at peace & sometimes happier when they feel connected to the celebrity they worship.

Lakia Nichole

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