What Would You Do?

This young lady’s level of pettiness is on 10 for making her boyfriend distraught by faking a tragedy. You have to give her credit for the effort she put into this messy-ass prank though! A popular YouTuber by the name of De’arra thought it would be the perfect opportunity to prank her boyfriend, Ken. Ken, who is […]

Can you imagine shopping at Victoria’s Secret, only to be thrown out because someone else was caught stealing? According to a shopper who is a black woman, she and another black woman was thrown out of a Victoria’s Secret store after the staff caught another black woman, who wasn’t with them, stealing. The incident happened […]

We all like to do things for our friends because we love them and they’re like family, right? I’m sure Michael Ranson thought the same thing about his friend, Ami Cullimore, who wanted children. In the year 2000, Ranson, who is a gay man, agreed to donate his sperm so Cullimore could undergo IVF (In Vitro Fertilization). […]

Imagine going to a casino, not expecting to “hit it big”, but win just enough money to get you through the next couple of weeks. Imagine never expecting Lady Luck on your side win you randomly decide to play the slots and much to your surprise, hit the jackpot for 42.9 million dollars. Now imagine […]

I guess black women aren’t capable of becoming successful doctors and saving lives… Tamika Cross, an OBGYN from Detroit, was on a Delta Airlines flight when she was alarmed by a woman in distress. Her husband went unresponsive two rows ahead of her and was begging for help. As Cross tried to help the troubled […]

Imagine being the representative of a newspaper publication who has to explain this awkward mishap! 55-year-old Leroy “Blast” Black of Egg Harbor Township, NJ, succumbed to lung cancer on August 2, 2016. When readers initially saw two obituaries published of the man in the 5th edition of The Press Of Atlantic City , they assumed it […]

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