Tuesday Motivation

It never fails… The moment you feel like you’ve lost something or someone valuable…something later in life shows you that what didn’t happen, happened because it wasn’t for you. That’s when life shows you that you’ve dodged a big bullet. I appreciate the moments when I feel like I’ve been saved! Whether it was God, […]

A popular Youtuber, Landon Moss, is touching souls all over the internet with his Sergio Valencia-directed video titled ‘Cherish Every Moment’. It took me a moment to catch on at the end until I realized the unexpected. Just like real life…we come across situations unexpected. That’s why it’s important to cherish every moment with the people you […]

Picture this… You run into an old friend. You both give updates on what’s happening in your lives since the last time you both saw each other and your friend appears to be doing great. She got married three years ago and has a lucrative career that keeps her busy. She takes a vacation every […]

By now, you’ve seen images of a couple whose proposal and wedding transpired all in one day and the tear-jerking union went viral all over social media. If you click on the hashtag, #ForeverDuncan” it takes you to a timeline of events between Alfred Duncan and his new wife, Sherrell, and their captured moments of […]

If we want true love, we have to be responsible for our emotions. It has taken me a long time to realize that. Being emotionally responsible brings a certain level of balance in a relationship. When we’re responsible emotionally, we see things more clearly. We recognize what we truly want and in the midst of […]

When we step out of our box (our comfort zone), we take  risks. It’s always worth taking a risk because we use our courage to try something different; something out of the ordinary and things that will make us uncomfortable. They say if you’re not uncomfortable, you’re not being challenged. When we get tired of seeing […]

This isn’t about being super cocky or downright conceited. In fact, being your own cheerleader has absolutely nothing to do with vanity, but everything to do with elevating your confidence and self-esteem. We all need a little encouragement whenever we feel doubtful. It’s when that inevitable fear of failure creeps in is when we need […]