Throwback Thursday

Growing up, watching daytime talk shows was the thing to do between Summer camp and gearing up for the weekends. I can remember a few times when I’ve rushed home from school to catch ‘Oprah’ at four and ‘The Ricki Lake Show’ at five. Talk shows were the reality shows in the eighties and nineties, […]

During a special taping of ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’ in 1994, Oprah invited Aretha Franklin, Gladys Knight, and “spiritual auntie”, Patti LaBelle for advice on turning the BIG 4-0! Te iconic singers gave Oprah and viewers some good pointers and the great things to look forward to. They also shared what they’ve learned when they turned 40. […]

A clip of the late great Tupac Shakur shows him explaining his views on generosity and responsibility; traits he feels some wealthy people like Donald Trump lack. This is a clip from MTV News from 1992. Tupac was very passionate with his explanation and made a lot of sense…as he always did. In his own […]

Bow Wow was a VERY happy camper during this episode of 106&Park. He and model mogul, Tyra Banks, were “kissing buddies” which started on her talk show a few years back. The two went for round two when Tyra appeared as a returning guest on the 106&Park and as you will see, it got steamy! […]

At this time, I already knew the impact Michael Jackson would have on music lovers and the legend he was developing into. The night I watched the 1984 Grammys, I witnessed the greatest entertainer in the world be recognized in his prime for his greatest achievement, namely ‘Thriller’ and the beginning of Michael “setting the […]

After the infamous microphone snatch from Taylor Swift at the 2009 MTV Music Video Awards, Kanye West made an appearance on Jay Leno and in his way…apologized to the star…in so many words. The cringeworthy interview not only left viewers scratching their heads but according to the water cooler conversations and social media interactions the day […]

Janet Jackson’s 2011 interview with Piers Morgan was personal, yet, intriguing and that was rare, considering she’s a very private person. This interview also showcased a side of Janet that we could relate to as women. She opens up about family, love, motherhood, relationships, and so much more! This was a very delightful interview. Watch […]

Image by Steven Meisel It was on this day in 2012 when we lost an icon… the woman behind the voice that touched millions of fans, young and old Whitney Houston. Whitney was one of those artists that had a song for every experience in our lives. Her voice was angelic, yet powerful enough to […]

This piece is definitely befitting for Black History Month, and I just cannot do a Throwback Thursday without writing about this special moment between this Super couple. It was 2008 when Barack Obama made history becoming our first black president. The Neighbors Ball on ABC was in full effect with some of our biggest stars in […]

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