Throwback Thursday

It was 1994 when the world of figure skating, which is usually uncorrelated with drama, was rocked by a scandal that seemed like it was birthed off the pages of a dramatic movie script. Nancy Kerrigan and Tanya Harding were not only the two most popular figure skaters of that time, they were apparently friends […]

I can recall the time when millions of Michael Jackson fans wasted about two hours of their lives, watching Man In The Mirror: The Michael Jackson Story. I was one of those fans who unfortunately thought VH1 was going to do Michael Jackson justice, but the God-awful film was full of inaccuracies and “mouth wide-open” moments […]

One of the components to making a funny ass sitcom is two of its main characters constantly throwing shade at one another! Clapbacks, insensitive jokes, and straight ignorance were part of the reason we’ve tuned into these particular sitcoms, anticipating the love/hate relationships between these scene-stealing characters.  Below, is a list of our favorite “head-butters” […]

I wish I could just vortex back to the eighties so I can experience the feeling  when Soul Train came on television every Saturday afternoon. It’s kinda similar to how I feel today when I reminisce on how my anxiety levels were on ten Sunday through Friday. I couldn’t wait to see who was performing each […]

The year was 2005 and everyone was tuned into the B.E.T Awards, anticipating one of Destiny’s Child’s final performance as a group. As the ladies of DC perform their sexy hit, ‘Cater To You’, they pull on stage three lucky men who all deserve a lap dance for their respective talents. Those men are basketball […]

I’m taking you back to the days when ‘Vibe Magazine’ was an actual late night talk show. The Quincy Jones-produced show had its share of different hosts, but the comedian, Sinbad, was a fave for me! For this particular show, he interviewed a teenaged Usher and Countess Vaughn, who was in her prime as “Kim” from […]

Growing up, watching daytime talk shows was the thing to do between Summer camp and gearing up for the weekends. I can remember a few times when I’ve rushed home from school to catch ‘Oprah’ at four and ‘The Ricki Lake Show’ at five. Talk shows were the reality shows in the eighties and nineties, […]

During a special taping of ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’ in 1994, Oprah invited Aretha Franklin, Gladys Knight, and “spiritual auntie”, Patti LaBelle for advice on turning the BIG 4-0! Te iconic singers gave Oprah and viewers some good pointers and the great things to look forward to. They also shared what they’ve learned when they turned 40. […]

A clip of the late great Tupac Shakur shows him explaining his views on generosity and responsibility; traits he feels some wealthy people like Donald Trump lack. This is a clip from MTV News from 1992. Tupac was very passionate with his explanation and made a lot of sense…as he always did. In his own […]

Growing up in the nineties was quite an experience for folks in my generation (70s babies) and the generation under us! Most of us were either starting our lives as a high school graduate or already in adulthood, getting a taste of more independence. Music for us was more meaningful and full of substance back […]