Throwback Thursday

Growing up in the nineties was an experience for folks in my generation (70s babies) and the generation under us! Most of us were either starting our lives as a high school graduate or already in adulthood, getting a taste of more independence. Music for us was more meaningful and full of substance back then, […]

One of the components to making a funny ass sitcom is two of its main characters constantly throwing shade at one another! Clapbacks, insensitive jokes, and straight ignorance were part of the reason we’ve tuned into these particular sitcoms, anticipating the love/hate relationships between these scene-stealing characters.  Below, is a list of our favorite “head-butters” […]

This lucky audience from the 1980s got to experience uber amounts of greatness when they witnessed not one…not two…but THREE legendary acts on stage. James Brown performed with his band when he called a young 25-year-old Michael Jackson on stage for an impromptu performance. Of course, Michael’s shyness made him hesitate a little, but he […]

As a movie fanatic, I really enjoy the ones that take me back to my childhood. The films that make me reminisce about the simpler times when being responsible was something I wasn’t obligated to do. Then there are the films that take me back to watching them for the first time with my mother, who […]

It’s always a shame when a popular and successful group break up. When the ORIGINAL EnVogue split in the nineties, I felt betrayed! I wondered why a group of sistahs who seemed so in tune, in more ways than one with one another, would go through an ugly breakup.   Terry, Cindy, Maxine, and Dawn made […]

I can recall the time when millions of Michael Jackson fans wasted about two hours of their lives, watching Man In The Mirror: The Michael Jackson Story. I was one of those fans who unfortunately thought VH1 was going to do Michael Jackson justice, but the God-awful film was full of inaccuracies and “mouth wide-open” moments […]

I wish I could just vortex back to the eighties so I can experience the feeling  when Soul Train came on television every Saturday afternoon. It’s kinda similar to how I feel today when I reminisce on how my anxiety levels were on ten Sunday through Friday. I couldn’t wait to see who was performing each […]

The year was 2005 and everyone was tuned into the B.E.T Awards, anticipating one of Destiny’s Child’s final performance as a group. As the ladies of DC perform their sexy hit, ‘Cater To You’, they pull on stage three lucky men who all deserve a lap dance for their respective talents. Those men are basketball […]

15 years ago today, the world of R&B was rocked with the news of the death of Aaliyah. I remember where I was when I heard the tragic news. I was in my bedroom, listening to the radio when the song playing was abruptly stopped by the DJ. I immediately picked up on the distress […]

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