The Healing Corner

It’s never easy when we lose a loved one. However, when we find clever ways to keep their memory alive, we’ll use the best of our creativity and make something extra special that will honor the ones we’ve lost. A beautiful image that will last forever is always a great idea, but not just any […]

After losing my son, I had to know where to find my place of acceptance and I couldn’t do it soon enough. I needed to be a mom for my other two children so “bouncing back” was a major priority. I was aware that bouncing back fully wasn’t going to happen and naturally so. After […]

I wanted to make sure I had something to honor my son’s memory. Of course, I started a journal. However, the grief support/counseling sessions I attended gave me the bright idea to not only write in my journal, but decorate it. The pic you see above is that of my journal with all decked out […]

I thought about my son a lot today. That usually occurs close to his birthday or anniversary of his death. While my heart aches from thoughts of him not being with me, I reminisce about how I miss HIM…his eyes…his smile…and his gigantic personality in such a small body. The first time I visited his […]

Teresa Rutton, a Native from The UK, began creating dolls after she lost her son. The mother-of-three says that creating “reborn dolls” helped her deal with her own grief. Her son was 21 when he committed suicide. Now, Russon makes babies for couples who have lost children. Teresa’s dolls are made of a silicon and vinyl […]