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This image, which I think is beautiful, has gone viral, but some wonder why the Mom is in lingerie around her 4 kids. The mother is reportedly a reality show star, and this image she has taken is breathtaking!  To me, it symbolizes a woman of strength, power, and protector of her seeds. However, many […]

The NAACP Image/Oscar/Grammy Award- winning artist, John Legend, is known for being vocal on social media when it comes to social issues, so it’s no surprise that he gave Donald Trump Jr. something to think about. Donald Trump Jr. used his Twitter account to share his thought on the Chicago protesters. When he tweeted, “Ha […]

in 2016, yet, I’m not surprised at the ignorance that still lives in some people. The Mac Cosmetics line recently posted a picture of a Black model wearing Mac’s “Matte Royal” lip color at the New York Fashion Week  and trolls turned the popular makeup brand’s comment thread into racial shambles! A few even commented […]

Celebrity makeup artist, Tatiana Ward AKA Beat Face Honey, is on Instagram as you read this, thanks to her fans and supporters that contacted the social media giant on her behalf. According to Phillymag, Ward’s account was suspended and removed from Instagram for posting this image with a heartfelt message about her aunt, Rose Hamid, […]

Folks were heated when the handler of the Twitter account for the Times Square ball used an insensitive hashtag, trying to amuse his followers. Instead, he insulted many of them by mocking the Black Live Matters movement with the hashtag, #BallLivesMatter.   Tweeters didn’t hesitate to tell the account handler about his self.     […]

This statement has been debatable since Facebook’s debut in 2004. While I do think your business is your business, I think that statement is false and here are my reasons why. There’s a thin line between being private and being secret. While I understand the need for privacy, it’s difficult for me to believe that NO […]

I’ve been using my Facebook page long enough to see that social media can leave a huge impact on people…myself included. I used to always wonder why I read down my timeline and find posts that feel like someone need to invest in a diary, or someone is beefing with a family member, instead of calling […]

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