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In 2016, we’ve reported that Rob Hill Sr. and songstress/actress, Letoya Luckett, got engaged. Now that Rob and Letoya have split after only two months of MARRIAGE, I have doubts about some of these “relationship experts”. It was a surprise to supporters and fans, considering no one knew the couple was already married at the time. They’ve done […]

Two non-black women decided to log onto Instagram and target black beauty vlogger, Jennifer Olaleye, with comments asserting that her confidence as a darker-skinned woman is contrived. “I don’t know where dark skinned girls are getting this confidence from”, one troll commented. Of course, Jennifer didn’t back down! She replied to both with a clapback […]

Go Fund Me pages are typically created for business ventures, funeral/medical expenses, however, Vanessa Gritton may be the first in history to create an account for divorce purposes. The California native has tried to divorce her abusive husband for two years but lack of funds prevented her from doing so. Gritton explained that she has […]

When news first broke that Gospel sensation, Thomas (TC) Clay  died, it was received as a rumor. We all know that social media tends to kill our favorite celebs every other few months. Unfortunately, what we’ve all thought was a rumor…is in fact, true. it’s been confirmed that Clay died suddenly from an undisclosed cause/illness. […]

A Tumblr user got more than she bargained for when she posted a dual image of herself with and without “makeup”. As a result, folks criticized her for trying to be something she’s not. The woman responded with saying that being offensive wasn’t her intentions, according to a source. “My explanation is: I’m half latina, […]

The internet allows ignorant people to invade our social media inboxes, but it also allows us to take swift action against those ignorant people when necessary! Shanelle Matthews took to her Twitter to share a disturbing message from a man name Corey Multer and apparently, he doesn’t like the idea of Shanelle’s activism with the Black […]

Looks like Facebook is slipping with their tax bill and the IRS is not playing games! According to USA Today, Facebook could get hit with a tax bill between $3 billion and $5 billion from the Internal Revenue Service that would have a huge negative impact on the social media giant that’s been connecting people all […]

Facebook is known as the giant social networking site that connects us with anyone all over the world. As of late, it has also been known as the networking site that exposes users to videos graphic in nature, such as killings. Since the Facebook Live feature debuted, users witnessed a few murders, including police killings. […]

When a woman googled “unprofessional hairstyles”, she was taken aback when she saw mostly natural hairstyles of black women. She then googled “professional hairstyles”, only to find what she expected…all pictures of white women. I did the same thing, and there’s definitely a racial divide! We can’t deny that, although we have to keep in […]

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