For those who don’t understand the term “friends with benefits”, it’s basically an agreement from both individuals to have a sexual relationship without any emotional ties or commitment; sex with no strings attached. While it may make you and your partner feel like liberating sexual beasts, there are consequences to consider. Not only are there […]

We watch these Olympic athletes take on their opportunities of a lifetime every four years, as they compete in their respective sport. They get there by training vigorously and with no distractions. When I say distractions, I really mean the opposite sex. Now that they’ve made it to the biggest sporting competition in all the […]

It’s a common problem, particularly for the women, to over-emphasize the chemistry she has with a man based off their sexual relationship. It’s unfortunate that we don’t often recognize what we’re doing until we’ve already given the goodies. There are a few important things to consider when you’re sexually involved with someone. A few things […]

You’ve done the “unthinkable” with your best friend of the opposite sex and now you’re confused as hell. One minute, you guys are munching on popcorn while watching Eddie Murphy’s Raw…you know, hanging out like y’all usually do. The next minute, you guys are humpin’ like nobody’s business! You find yourself sitting on the edge […]

It’s unfortunate that every other woman we know may have never experienced an orgasm. It’s one of those delicate situations that should be demanded, but many women choose not to be verbal about it for fear of hurting their man’s pride. Before I go further, let’s break down the technical term for orgasm. Anorgasmia: The¬†inability […]