It’s not rocket science… However, a lot of us still struggle with figuring out which “ship” we’re in. The funny thing is that it’s quite easy to distinguish the two when we’re not involved with anyone. When we are involved, we find ourselves wondering, assuming and become uncertain, as a result. Being in a situationship […]

The groundbreaking sitcom, ‘A Different World’, made everyone want to go to college and  it cultivated the anti-stereotypical perception that all young African-Americans are not trouble-makers. A spin-off of ‘The Cosby Show’, this sitcom kept us aware with their socially conscious storylines and gave us a glimpse of what black college life is like. Some […]

Although we don’t mean to, we hurt one another and even ourselves, when in relationships. Sometimes, we’re oblivious to our flaws and naturally so. We don’t often see that we’re pouring salt in our own wounds, and by the time we see things more clearly, it may be too late. It all stems from how we […]

We live in a world where folks are fascinated with the dating life of others, especially when they, themselves, don’t have a dating life. Those people like to either live vicariously through you or look to others for the latest TEA on who you’re involved with. We also live in a world where lovers of love can’t […]

It’s never good to force a committed relationship because you’re setting up your own heart to be broken during the process. No one wants to be forced to do anything they’re not ready for, no matter how much they care about you. Sometimes, we forget to appreciate the nature of the relationship at its’ current state, […]

You’d think in a world full of options, we would find someone who complements us and is the complete package. The issue is those options, sometimes, feed the temptation we carry with more than one plate.  Some of us have compartmentalized relationships. We  have someone for sex, someone for dating without sex, and/or a person who […]

Really what is a relationship? Is it this connective bond between two individuals that permits them to find some beam of energy surging through their bodies – convincing them that they can label each other a pair? Is a relationship a partnership in agreement, which defines loyalty and the capturing of a feeling so indescribable […]

I’ve listened to and read both stories behind two beautiful women in the business, Mo’Nique & Toya Wright and their whole idea about giving their men “hall passes”. Before I go any further, let me explain to those who has never heard of the term “hall pass”. Simply put, you’re allowing your mate a chance […]

It’s been over a year and you and your man has been kickin’ it. It’s just enough for you to consider the idea of you two being in a relationship because you fell in love with him and you think he’s the perfect guy for you. You don’t need any other man in your life because […]

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