Women are competitive with each other by nature. We don’t mean to be, but we always manage to put ourselves in an emotional position to try to “do better” than the next chick. Especially when it involves a man who they’re both dating. Men use this behavior from women to their full advantage. While I can […]

When getting to know someone, we are quick to assume that because they’ve impressed us, they will eventually give us what we need when it comes to relationships. We burst our own bubble when we realize that our partners are finding ineffective ways to meet our needs and we are left disappointed among other things. […]

When we’re getting over a break-up, we usually consider it one of the worst things that could happen. Getting over someone who you’ve invested your time and heart in is like getting over the death of a loved one. The bad thing is you’re no longer a couple, which you believed you guys would be […]

It’s not rocket science… However, a lot of us still struggle with figuring out which “ship” we’re in. The funny thing is that it’s quite easy to distinguish the two when we’re not involved with anyone. When we are involved, we find ourselves wondering, assuming and become uncertain, as a result. Being in a situationship […]

The groundbreaking sitcom, ‘A Different World’, made everyone want to go to college and  it cultivated the anti-stereotypical perception that all young African-Americans are not trouble-makers. A spin-off of ‘The Cosby Show’, this sitcom kept us aware with their socially conscious storylines and gave us a glimpse of what black college life is like. Some […]

Although we don’t mean to, we hurt one another and even ourselves, when in relationships. Sometimes, we’re oblivious to our flaws and naturally so. We don’t often see that we’re pouring salt in our own wounds, and by the time we see things more clearly, it may be too late. It all stems from how we […]

When you think of the word, “intimacy”, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Closeness? Sex? Romance? What if I told you that the meaning of intimacy goes deeper than all of those. Let’s look at Webster’s definition of intimacy… the state of being intimate; a close, familiar, and usually affectionate or loving […]