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Two more unarmed black men are murdered by law enforcement I dare anyone to continue to chant or post that “All Lives Matter” bullshit when these recent tragic events, as well as the rest, don’t reflect that! The recent tragedies also points out the obvious double standard that is prevalent in this country; a constant threat to […]

I’m a fair-weathered football/Ravens fan who never knew of Colin Kaepernick until the National Anthem protest. Since the controversy broke, Kaepernick has gained a fan in me, and it has nothing to do with football. For those who are living under a rock, the quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers refused to stand during the National […]

I must admit… When rap star, Yung Joc, debuted his new hair, I along with so many critics and fans alike, criticized him for basically expressing his individuality. My first thought was that Yung Joc looks like a single, hard-working single mother who drives a 2012 Nissan Altima! According to the many memes and jokes […]

You can’t deny the many levels of white male privilege displayed throughout the Olympics. If you cannot see any of it, you’re a part of the problem. Although white male privilege is just a small fraction of the problem we as a society face, we can’t help but point out the obvious problem observed by […]

A Tumblr user got more than she bargained for when she posted a dual image of herself with and without “makeup”. As a result, folks criticized her for trying to be something she’s not. The woman responded with saying that being offensive wasn’t her intentions, according to a source. “My explanation is: I’m half latina, […]

Her name is Simone Manuel, but apparently, this news source has a problem acknowledging this history-making 20-year old. This insulting headline shines the light on the ongoing problem in media; disregarding the success of blacks that SHOULD make headline news the proper way. There are many news sources on the internet that’ll respectfully publish stories on […]

It’s been proven that black people choose who they want to be mad at and who they’ll remain fans of in this business of entertainment. Black artists display their whole blackness through their work (films, music, television, etc) and we dig that shit until they show off their spouse of another race. Suddenly, their black card is […]

Jesse Williams’ speech at the 2016 BET Awards has been the topic of everyone’s discussion since it aired Sunday night. As Jesse was giving his memorable and powerful speech on equal rights and empowerment for black Americans, the camera took a minute to focus on this gorgeous natural-haired woman with glowing skin to kill for, […]

People can be so fickle at times. You realize that people tend to support what’s considered conventional or typical, as long as the person or movement they’re supporting fits into their box of beliefs…you know…what they’re accustomed to or conditioned to believe. Then you begin to realize that the people or movement they’re supporting is […]

I came across an article on Facebook that I think would bring great dialogue because it happens more often than people think. Some of us just don’t know about it. I’m talking about sharing lovers. I was intrigued by the article, which was about comedic actor, Deray Davis, and his two girlfriends, Coco and Caro, who […]

If you’re on social media often, particularly Facebook, then you’ve most likely come across a Buzzfeed video. Buzzfeed is a giant media platform that delivers the latest in celebrity news, current events, gadgets, as well as touch on topics, involving today’s pop culture. For a couple of years, I’ve enjoyed their videos, which is why […]

When we reported about this Gap Kids ad, the brand was criticized for this racially insensitive ad, featuring a few girls from a traveling circus company. In the ad, an African-American girl is posing next to a taller Caucasian girl, propping her arm on the younger girl’s head. The brand has since issued an apology   “As […]