Personal Awareness

We all know at least two people who will tell you they don’t mind being single even if they are for the rest of their lives. Not only are they lying to you, but they are in complete denial and bullshittin’ themselves. Everyone wants love…everyone needs love….everyone wants to eventually get caught up & do […]

I’m a self-proclaimed introvert. Before coming to that conclusion, my thought was I struggled with connecting with people because of my “background” personality. In doing deeper research on the extrovert Vs. introvert phenomena, it’s become clear that I am far from being a “people person”. I’ve also realized that others connect introverts with being shy […]

    Sometimes, we place ourselves in a position to care “too much” about others. We deal with the inevitable circumstance where we carry their burdens because we want to feel what they’re feeling. It’s a part of falling in love or developing deep feelings for someone who we’re uncertain feels the same way. It may […]

I’ve always questioned the term ‘Ride or Die’. What exactly is a ‘Ride or Die’ type of person? Is this someone who accepts all the BS from their partner but let that shit slide, because it’s “out of love”? Do a person consider his/her partner “Ride or Die” because he/she knows when fuckups happen, the […]

There was a time when I associated couples who appeared to be successful with “relationship goals”. Then one day, I came to the realization that what looks good on the outside may not look as good on the inside when it comes to others’ relationships. Relationships require a lot of work to stay healthy and genuine, […]

Since 2004, changing our relationship status on Facebook has somehow become more meaningful to us. We can share the news of our newly committed relationship to our family and friends, but oddly enough, letting Facebook know is the highest level of confirmation for them…and for the person who changes it. It’s a beautiful thing when […]

If you’re struggling to find out why you keep attracting the wrong people, you can start by looking within yourself. We can point the finger and say it’s “them”, but deep down inside, we have to find fault in our own doings. There’s an inimical pattern when we’re picking the same type of folks to […]

I gotta be honest…. I didn’t know much about Actress/Author/Director, Lena Dunham, so I googled her before writing this piece. Reading about her work, and getting a glimpse of her social media, I’ve come to some understanding of why this advocate for positive self-image and feminism uses her insecurities as part of her of humor….particularly […]

By now, you’ve probably seen Kanye West’s video for “Fade”, Ft. his G.O.O.D Music signee, Teyana Taylor. If you haven’t caught it, go to ‘Tidal’.  Kanye premiered his video during the 2016 MTV Music Video awards Sunday night. Anyway… I’m convinced every other viewer wanted to throw their refrigerator away and hit the gym, after watching Teyana, […]

It’s common to see an entertainer transform along with their music. That’s how they keep their ever-changing image up with the times. However, we can’t help but wonder what goes on in the mind of a public figure who gets permanent facial alterations to the point where they become unrecognizable. As a fan, I used […]