Personal Awareness

I’m a self-proclaimed introvert. Before coming to that conclusion, my thought was I struggled with connecting with people because of my “background” personality. In doing deeper research on the extrovert Vs. introvert phenomena, it’s become clear that I am far from being a “people person”. I’ve also realized that others connect introverts with being shy […]

Image by Devin Trent Photography If I could count how many times I’ve walked pass a guy on the street who boldly suggests I should stop looking mean and smile, I’d be rich. There are two reasons why that bothers me. 1)I’m never aware of what my face looks like, especially when I’m in no […]

Image by Nydia Blas   Vaginal self-examination is not often discussed while we’re getting martinis with our girlfriends, but it’s a discussion we should have. Checking our honeypot is very necessary! It’s not only a sign of  self-love and self-discovery, but a form of bodily exploration that enables us to understand what our vaginas need. […]

Saying how we feel is something a lot of us fail at achieving. At an early age, we were taught the art of “people pleasing”- from saying yes when we really mean no to holding back from what we want to say for fear of rejection or offending someone. The golden question is… how do […]

We all know at least two people who will tell you they don’t mind being single even if they are for the rest of their lives. Not only are they lying to you, but they are in complete denial and bullshittin’ themselves. Everyone wants love…everyone needs love….everyone wants to eventually get caught up & do […]

Rejection It leaves you wondering what’s missing about you It makes you believe it’s your fault It’ll have you doubting your own capabilities and your fierceness It makes you weak Lose optimism It makes you feel less beautiful & desirable It makes you compare It makes you give up and not ever want it again. […]

    Sometimes, we place ourselves in a position to care “too much” about others. We deal with the inevitable circumstance where we carry their burdens because we want to feel what they’re feeling. It’s a part of falling in love or developing deep feelings for someone who we’re uncertain feels the same way. It may […]

I’ve always questioned the term ‘Ride or Die’. What exactly is a ‘Ride or Die’ type of person? Is this someone who accepts all the BS from their partner but let that shit slide, because it’s “out of love”? Do a person consider his/her partner “Ride or Die” because he/she knows when fuckups happen, the […]

There was a time when I associated couples who appeared to be successful with “relationship goals”. Then one day, I came to the realization that what looks good on the outside may not look as good on the inside when it comes to others’ relationships. Relationships require a lot of work to stay healthy and genuine, […]

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