Mommy Motivation

Nothing builds anxiety for your child more during the first day of school than the fear of the unknown. Whether it’s getting used to their surroundings, fitting in, making friends, all while having the pressure to make and maintain good grades, this guide will help your child relieve some of the pressure and anxiety of […]

Triple threat, Ciara, proves there’s no stopping her, even with a baby bump! The singer/actress/model posted a cute video clip of her showing off her signature moves to “I’m Every Woman” by The Late Great Whitney Houston. With a belly and all, Ciara was puttin’ in WORK and it was the cutest thing ever! Even […]

When Teyana Taylor gave birth to her first child with fiancé Iman Shrumpert, it was actually a month earlier. Teyana took to Facebook to send a message to her daughter about that special day, complete with an adorable photo.     Mommy carried you & Daddy delivered you on this very day last month, crazy […]

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO OVER-COMPENSATE FOR YOUR CHILD(REN) IF YOU ARE SINGLE! Stop thinking that giving into their EVERY want is somehow filling the void of not having dad around as much. Stop thinking discipline isn’t necessary because the child didn’t ask to be born and shouldn’t have to adhere to the rules of […]

It’s so easy for us to go from 0 to 100 when our kids don’t listen. It’s especially embarrassing when we do it in public, scolding and sometimes having to physically grab a hold of them to scare them into listening to us. Us parents see that we let our emotions get the best of […]

Being a mother is challenging but rewarding. I never imagined being responsible for little lives until my late twenties. However, when I look into the eyes of people I helped created, I see my blessings and unconditional love. I watch them often and think to myself, I am responsible for guiding these young people into […]

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