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Wendy Williams is known for saying some crazy stuff. Unfortunately, she dug herself a deeper hole that she cannot climb out of with her recent comments about the NAACP and HBCUs. In the clip below, Wendy gossips about Ciara and Russel Wilson and their marriage. Skip to Mark 16:00 to the comments that’s got her […]

I saw this picture circulating on Facebook, and as I read the question, I immediately studied the picture to find an abnormality. All I saw was maturity between parents and step-parents who are coming together in support of a child, and that’s the way it should be. Unfortunately, in today’s society, some families have a […]

Masturbation is such a taboo topic, it’s hard not to blush or become “uneasy” when the word is brought up in conversations. Some would believe that a topic of that nature should be discussed intimately behind closed doors. The truth of the matter is…Masturbation is just one of many methods to wellness. Did you know […]

Retailers are reportedly placing “skinny mirrors” in dressing rooms. These mirrors can slightly alter a person’s realistic figure, giving the illusion of a slimmer appearance. In most cases, the illusion convinces the person to buy the outfit she/he is trying on. Some say  that it’s “clever marketing”. Consumers believe it’s deception. My question is if […]

As the East Coast prepare for the 2016 Winter Storm Jonas, the massive snowstorm making its way to us in a few hours, it’s beneficial  for us to recognize the dos and don’ts when you’re stuck in the house. Knowing how to not develop ‘cabin fever’ is a MUST! What is ‘cabin fever’? Simply put…irritability, […]

As if we didn’t think the Obamas are already the coolest first family ever…they have recently released a full 14-track list of their favorite Christmas songs on Spotify! May I add that they have awesome musical taste! Go to Spotify and listen right now! Get yourself in the holiday spirit the presidential way!

Folks go ABSOLUTELY  mad every year during Black Friday. While I understand why we make room on our holiday schedule to shop on this particular day (save a few dollars for Christmas shopping), it does not mean we should act like animals by trampling each other & going into full fisticuffs over flat screen televisions, […]

When we think of domestic violence, we usually think of women as the victims. However, statistics are showing that over 40% of domestic violence victims are men. As we come up on the end of October (Domestic Violence Awareness Month) I feel compelled to share with you the facts about the other side of domestic […]

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