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There’s a certain level of maturity one must have to have good dating experiences. Dating can be fun and enjoyable, as long as the person you’re dating isn’t using the same techniques and fulfilling the habits that were used while in their twenties…or even their teens. Like fine wine, dating SHOULD get better with age. […]

For the past ten years, I have noticed a decline in groups. When I say groups, I mean those 4, 5, and 6 member groups that effortlessly snatched our souls single after single. Those groups that give us a recollection of memories today, bringing us back to the days when music had substance and the radio was […]

      What’s the most common excuse that single people use when we experience the shortcomings of someone we’re dating? “(S)He’s just not my type.” The older I’ve got, the less I’ve relied on having types. In fact, having a type has been pretty much non-existent for me. I’ve learned that we could truly […]

The popular adult entertainment website Pornhub, doesn’t want to leave anyone out from the enjoyment of porn. On Wednesday, the company launched “Described Video,” which features spoken narration for 50 videos on its site. The feature is for those who are visually impaired. 50 of the site’s most popular “straight, female-friendly, gay, bi and transsexual […]