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DISCLAIMER: THE SEQUENCE OF THE SCENES YOU’RE ABOUT TO READ MAY NOT BE IN ORDER AS SHOWN    I think episode 4 of Season 2 has the most “Oh My God” moments out of all the seasons thus far!   The episode begins with Issa, Molly, & Kelli doing what most girlfriends do together…get En Vogue-ish for […]

Bruno Mars hits us with another hot and sexy visual for his latest single, “Versace On The Floor” from his album, ’24k Magic’. In the visual, Bruno has a thing for his next door neighbor, played by actress Zendaya. They lock eyes as they meet each other at their apartment doors, which is evident of […]

DISCLAIMER: THE SEQUENCE OF THE SCENES YOU’RE ABOUT TO READ MAY NOT BE IN ORDER AS SHOWN 🙂 Can we just start with praises to Issa and her team for including two bad-ass cameos from Luke James, Lil Rel, and a bad-ass featured role with Sterling K. Brown? Episode 3 starts off with Issa at one […]

Masturbation is such a taboo topic, it’s hard not to blush or become “uneasy” when the word is brought up in conversations. Some would believe that a topic of that nature should be discussed intimately behind closed doors. The truth of the matter is…Masturbation is just one of many methods to wellness. Did you know […]

Last week’s episode of ‘Insecure’ left us discombobulated along with Issa after her 1-minute hump session with Lawrence. Episode 2 starts off with the bestie, Molly, asking mad questions about how and why it happened. Issa didn’t have many answers because, since the sofa romp, Lawrence only replied to Issa’s texts with “one-word responses”. As […]

What do you get when you put together icons of Hip Hop and Pop/R&B? You’ll get FIYAH from artists like Kendrick Lamar and Rihanna. The two have come together for Kendrick’s newest single, “Loyalty”, off his latest album, ‘Damn’.  The Dave Myers visual is sexy and tells the story of a couple who goes through […]

The Awkwardness of Issa and her crew are back in effect with Season 2 of ‘Insecure’, and as usual, the show left us all wanting more, as we are wondering what will happen between Issa and Lawrence. S2/E1 started off with Issa on a string of dates with random dudes, which is obviously her way […]

We haven’t had a film with a cast of melanated beauties that broke box office records since ‘Waiting To Exhale’ (No offense to the success of Hidden Figures). So, when I heard that ‘Girls Trip’ made 30 million on opening weekend, I was ecstatic as if I was a part of the cast! That number […]

When it comes to great films, I think it’s important for them to have a soundtrack that represents the film’s theme so effortlessly. The films that I’ve chosen are guaranteed to be among the list of many movie/music lovers when it comes to favorite soundtracks. Simply put…these soundtracks will never go out of style.   […]

There’s a certain level of maturity one must have to have good dating experiences. Dating can be fun and enjoyable, as long as the person you’re dating isn’t using the same techniques and fulfilling the habits that were used while in their twenties…or even their teens. Like fine wine, dating SHOULD get better with age. […]

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