For The Guys

Fellahs, I’ve been meaning to ask this question, because I get general mixed signals on how men feel about women who approach them. Let me first say…a woman can be clever enough to let you know she’s interested in you without actually saying it. A woman can also just tell you without hesitation. Either way, […]

So, you’re dating a woman for less than a year and things were pretty good between you two during the first few months. After those few months, you begin to notice a change in her behavior, which you consider suspect. Statements like “I wonder what our babies will look like”, is something you thought was […]

Sending unsolicited penis pics are so high school, and I cannot believe men today are still getting accustomed to doing such a thing. I’ve always wondered why some guys feel like their penis will somehow magically convince a woman that he’s worth her attention. So, sending a pic of your thang is supposed to make […]

With my 35 years on the planet, I have never heard a heterosexual man say he doesn’t need a woman, but I have heard women say 90% of the time, I don’t need a man…. There’s something truly off about this picture when you think about it. Why is it that men feel they need or […]

I admire you guys. Most of you have the ability to be honest from the beginning when it comes to matters of the heart. When you guys say you aren’t ready to be in a relationship, y’all really mean it! However, we as women go through that “hope factor”, thinking our loyalty and proving our […]

Fellahs…I feel compelled to share with you how truly disappointed I am that  “Netflix and chillin’” has become the ideal date for some of you. I’ve heard and read stories of how my gullible ladies fall for the Netflix and chill option, only to find themselves with their faces down and asses up 20 minutes […]

Contrary to popular belief, we women know that we give you guys a hard time but that’s only because we love you. We sometimes fail to realize that our expectations of the men we love is way off the meter and as a result, it’s your fault about a lot of things. I’ve compiled a […]

Communication between men and women can be downright exhausting, but it really doesn’t have to be. Fellahs, sometimes we feel like we have to watch what we say for two reasons; to keep from hurting you because we feel the need to care about your feelings, and to not dig a hole deeper than it […]

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