For The Guys

Because Father’s Day is soon approaching, I feel compelled to share my opinion on the peculiar actions of women who are single mothers and how they feel the need to celebrate Father’s Day….as a single mother. Let me say that if you are a single mother and you celebrate Father’s Day, then that’s your prerogative. […]

When ‘Vanity Fair’ featured Michael B. Jordan and Ryan Coogler for their Style Disrupters feature, they had no idea their photo would spark so much controversy. The photo is of Michael and Ryan, who have teamed up twice for the movies ‘Fruitvale Station’ and ‘Creed’, in a position that is apparently considered a “man law violation”, […]

We get all giddy when folks express their love for one another…especially publicly. However, when that expression comes from a man, it’s more impressive because we don’t see that kind of expression from a man often. Seattle Seahawks player, Russell Wilson, is the epitome of a man who’s not ashamed to tell the world how […]

The dehydration is real in these internet streets As an active social media user, I’ve seen my fair share of MEN who post, at least, one ‘thirst trap’ a day. What is a ‘thirst trap’, you ask? Basically, it’s any image or statement posted to receive attention or to seek validation from others. The image could […]

Fellahs, I’ve been meaning to ask this question, because I get general mixed signals on how men feel about women who approach them. Let me first say…a woman can be clever enough to let you know she’s interested in you without actually saying it. A woman can also just tell you without hesitation. Either way, […]