Unless you’re not a social media hound like I am, you should remember the time in 2016 when Facebook did the unthinkable by shutting down the page of one of the premiere black celebrity gossip sites on the internet, ‘The Shade Room’. A rep for the social media giant confirmed that they were behind the […]

Everything great in this world was created with passion. Passion is the key ingredient to building a successful business, but it also takes a high level of entrepreneurial spirit. I would certainly hope my friend who is reading this doesn’t plan to work for others forever. Everyone has a niche; a creative side; a talent; […]

Believe it or not, starting a blog is fairly easy. It’s having enough time and dedication to keep it going is what matters most. As a blogger who is going into her 2nd anniversary as a professional blogger, I can vouch when I say it’s a lot of work, but I know it’ll be all […]

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