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HAPPY BLOGAVERSARY TO ME!!!!!   I can’t believe it! I’ve stuck with this thing called blogging for two years and I’m still going strong! I can honestly say that I’m proud of my accomplishment because I can think of a few times when I almost gave up! When I published my first blog post in […]

Image by Devin Trent Photography If I could count how many times I’ve walked pass a guy on the street who boldly suggests I should stop looking mean and smile, I’d be rich. There are two reasons why that bothers me. 1)I’m never aware of what my face looks like, especially when I’m in no […]

I’m part of the few percentage that has not been on a legit vacation, and I’m also a plane ride virgin! I keep asking myself how I let this go on for so long, but when you’re tied up with the complexities of life, it’s pretty easy to become preoccupied. Don’t get me wrong…I’ve had […]

No one knows who I am. As an introverted entrepreneur, that’s something that I definitely need to change. If I’m building a brand, it’s important for me to “stand out” in social media land. What better way to do that than putting myself on video? It’s a terrifying thing for me to do, considering I […]

Heeeeyyyy, beautiful people!!!!!! I’m so happy to be back and doing what I do best! Did y’all miss me?   So many good things in my life have transpired. I moved into my new home, started a side gig, and I also started a new business venture, which will cause some blowuptuism! As of now, […]

What can I say! I honestly didn’t think I’d last THIS long as a blogger, but I’m still here! And I’ll always be there as long as you’ll have me! When I first started blogging as Lakia Nichole, my goal was to create content for women like me; mothers who are striving to be the […]

Image by Devin Trent Photography   As a single woman, I’ve told myself plenty of times that being single isn’t and shouldn’t be a problem, but sometimes I “back peddle”. My thoughts shift every time my birthday comes around. It’s the anxiety that creeps up when that little voice whispers, Bish, you’re getting old!¬†As a […]

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