‘Procter & Gamble’ teamed up with ‘My Black Is Beautiful’ for this much-needed ad titled “The Talk” and since the release, it has garnered some negative feedback. The televised ad depicts random families, people of color, informing their kids on how to exist in a world full of racism. Before I go any further. Hit play below!


This ad basically highlights the conversations that no parent of color should have with their kid. Unfortunately, we have to because our kids have to learn to survive in a world that doesn’t see their worth. This ad reflects our truth, but with the truth, comes folks who criticize what they don’t understand.

What I fail to see is why many of the white folks, particularly police officers, are upset about this ad. Nowhere in the ad does it visualize all police officers as racists or all white folks are racists. However, we can’t deny the fact that racism, white privilege, and racial profiling are all prevalent in this country. As a result, we have these talks so our kids can make it home safely. We have these talks so our little black girls and boys can develop into confident and productive adults. We have these talks so our kids will know that they deserve equal treatment as their white friends.

Our truth was revealed in a 70-second video in front of the whole country but Y’ALL are mad!!!!


Read these asinine comments

If you care to watch, here is a cop’s response to the ad here.

It’s beyond amazing how you guys try to rationalize racism with your totally biased ideologies and finger-pointing. The rage that’s felt is a clear reflection of why we have to have “the talk”. You guys are going as far as boycotting, which is hilarious! ‘Procter & Gamble’ is a multinational manufacturer of products for family, personal and household care products. I’m pretty sure that you have 95% of their products in your home. So, if you’re gonna “boycott”, be ready to walk around hungry, stinky, or both!

Good luck!

Lakia Nichole

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