Remember when we were in school and out teacher placed a “gold star” sticker on our best work? Well, Lupe Fiasco’s latest project was graded a 100%, so he definitely deserves his gold star!

The accomplished Hip-Hop artist has teamed up with business entrepreneur Di-Ann Eisnor and a tech executive to help those aspiring entrepreneurs start their businesses. According to The Root, the plan is to start a charity fund/competition called the “Neighborhood Start-Up Fund”, which supports entrepreneurs from working-class communities.

Lupe and Eisnor are on a mission to help these aspiring business owners into successful entrepreneurs. Each competitor will have a chance to win $5,000 towards turning their business into a reality.

Read a statement released on their website.



“We need more diverse entrepreneurs bringing fresh ideas and new innovations to life. So, we’ve created a neighborhood-specific fund to support entrepreneurs and start-ups from underserved areas and of course so the best new ideas won’t go wasted. We provide access, network, workshops, mentoring and of course funding.”

Lakia Nichole

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