Kimberly Kimble is an LA native who initially wanted to be a fashion stylist. However, working in her mother’s beauty salon helped shift her interest to hair styling. This resulted in Kim attending Dudley Cosmetology University and the Vidal Sassoon Academy.
In 1995, Kim opened ‘Phaze II’, her first beauty parlor. She became more successful when she began to style hair for the film industry. ‘Baps’, ‘Austin Powers’,  and ‘Cinderella’ are films Kim worked on to name a few.

Her reputation as a good hair stylist has grown tremendously. As a result, Kim has touched the heads of stars such as Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Shakira, Kerry Washington, Gabrielle Union, Mary J. Blige, Keri Hilson, Vanessa Williams and Sanaa Lathan.

Today, Kim is mostly known from her own TV show called “L.A. Hair” on WeTV.

Check out her website for more details.



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