Two non-black women decided to log onto Instagram and target black beauty vlogger, Jennifer Olaleye, with comments asserting that her confidence as a darker-skinned woman is contrived.

“I don’t know where dark skinned girls are getting this confidence from”, one troll commented.


Of course, Jennifer didn’t back down! She replied to both with a clapback that was so classy, yet, beautifully synoptic with chosen words, reppin’ Black Girl Magic! Her response almost made me give her a standing ovation!


Many of Jennifer’s supporters came through with mad love for her.



My thoughts:

I am baffled that some women on this earth still feels the need to tear another woman down. Another thing I’m baffled about is the fact that non-black women spend thousands on skin-tanning (among other things) to look like women they put down.

As a darker-skinned woman, I’m offended that some people believe women who look like me aren’t supposed to exude confidence. I’m sorry that my melanin makes you feel some type of way. What I won’t apologize for is finding my confidence after years as a young girl looking for it. What I won’t apologize for is being able to finally wrap my all of my confidence around me like my favorite blankie.

If you can’t get with that, then that’s your issue.

Kudos to Jennifer for putting those trolls in their places so effortlessly.

What are your thoughts on this?


Lakia Nichole

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